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Kriya Massage: 
An intuitive massage, integrating flowing, connected techniques with a personal rhythm allowing a client to experience many levels of consciousness.  The Kriya Massage incorporates many different modalities, such as Swedish Massage (long gliding strokes, chopping, kneading, and friction techniques) to promote relaxation, improve circulation, range of motion, and relieve muscle tension, and Deep Tissue Massage (using slow strokes, direct pressure, or friction directed across the grain of the muscles - applied with greater pressure) to release chronic patterns of muscular tension.  I do Reiki while I massage.

Reiki (ray-key)
 Is an ancient hands-on energy healing art.  Reiki is a natural, non-invasive technique, that is safe for all ages, is effective in bringing about a deep relaxation of the mind, body and spirit, and thereby promotes self healing.  Reiki treatments are done on the fully dressed client, without oil or lotion.

Sea Salt Rub / Salt Glow: 
An ex-foliating, invigorating treatment using lightly oiled, natural sea salt.  It leaves the skin feeling soft and new.   

Hot Stone Massage: 
The practitioner glides heated basalt stones over your body, heating and soothing tense muscles.  This spa type treatment will require some additional time added to the session for the stones to warm to the proper temperature. 

Chair or Table Massage Parties/Events: 

This type of massage allows the client to experience a massage similar, but not as thorough or as long as a Kriya Massage, mainly because oils are not used, as the client is fully clothed (shoes are removed during a table massage).  This type of massage is great for a busy host or hostess, because the Massage Therapist facilitates the flow of the therapeutic massage sessions from one guest to the next, allowing the guests to attend the party without waiting in line for their turn.  No preparation, no waiting in line, no stress for the host/hostess!   This type of massage is also a benefit for small or large businesses as part of a wellness plan, staff appreciation day(s), or group outings.

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